Note that, VeloCloud Collector Package has one of the fix for handling a use case where Non VeloCloud Site is configured without tunnels enabled. Refer VMware Smart Assurance Release notes to get more details on the issue.


  1. Navigate to the bin directory of the ESM Server Install and stop the ESM Server.
  2. Navigate to the bin directory of the DCF Install.
  3. Stop the DCF Controller Service, using the following command:
    ./ service stop controller
  4. If there are any existing VeloCloud collector instances already deployed, then stop those collectors.

    ./ service stop collector-manager <VeloCloud-Instance>

    Example: ./ service stop collector-manager veloCloudsdwan0c6c9b6b-9ba5-49e9-8ed3-3c71fb5cce33

    Note: To identify the VeloCloud Collector Instances which are deployed, run the below command:

    ./ list installed

  5. Download the Collector package "veloCloud-sdwan-collect-" and copy the same to /opt/DCF/Tools/Module-Repository directory
    Note: Do not remove the old VeloCloud collector package from the /opt/DCF/Tools/Module-Repository directory.
  6. To update the Collector package for the existing VeloCloud collector block instances run the below command:

    ./ update velocloud-sdwan-collect velocloud-sdwanac26f785-a8bb-4c57-9323-3466dd0a3f2d

    Example: /opt/DCF/bin/ update veloCloud-sdwan-collect velocloud-sdwan0c6c9b6b-9ba5-49e9-8ed3-3c71fb5cce33

    1. When prompted to modify the dependencies, type "yes".
    2. When prompted to modify the module configuration, type "no".
    3. The update will be complete and the VeloCloud collector instance will be started.
  7. Similarly update the package for all other VeloCloud collector block instances.
  8. Start the Controller service:
    ./ service start controller
  9. Start the ESM Server.
  10. If there are no Velocloud Collectors already deployed and it is a fresh DCF deployment, then ignore the steps 4, 6 and 7.