VeloCloud is a cloud network service solution enabling sites to quickly deploy Enterprise grade access to legacy and cloud applications over both private networks and Internet broadband.

The following diagram shows the VeloCloud Software-defined WAN solution (SDWAN) components (in orange).

Figure 1. VeloCloud Architecture
The Server Manager provides VeloCloud Management support for the following:
  • VeloCloud SDWAN solution components discovery:
    • Discovery of vEdges.
    • Discovery of vGateways.
    • Discovery of Tunnels and Links.
  • VeloCloud SDWAN solution components monitoring:
    • Monitoring of vEdges.
    • Discovery of vGateways.
    • Monitoring of Links and Tunnels.
  • Associate VeloCloud overlay tunnels and MPLS network components.
  • Multiple VeloCloud deployment.

Basic VeloCloud discovery

The Server Manager provides these basic VeloCloud management services:
  • Provides end-to-end visibility into VeloCloud based SDWAN infrastructure.
  • Associates core MPLS network components and the VeloCloud overlay tunnels.