The sizeof() function returns a number depending on the value passed to the function. The sizeof() function converts any values (except for a list or a table) to a string, and returns the number of characters in the string. For lists and tables, the sizeof() function returns the number of defined members.

The syntax is one of the following:

  • sizeof(<value>)

  • sizeOf(<value>)

    The following script matches a line of text in a file. The length of each line is measured and printed.

    ASL Script (sizeOf_do.asl):
    START {
     x:rep(word) eol
    do {
     y = sizeof(x);
     print("Length ".y);
    do {
     print("Failed match");
    Input (sizeOf_do.txt):
    This has a size of 21
    size of 9
    $ sm_adapter --file=sizeof_do.txt sizeof_do.asl
    Length 21
    Length 9