The following example provides the Card-Port MODEL as described in Correlation model used for example scripts.

/* card.mdl -


* Copyright (c) 2019, VMware Inc.

* All Rights Reserved


* A simple model file for use as an example of writing and

* building a small model.



// Include the "resource" class from the netmate heirarchy.

#include "nm/nm.mdl"

// Since we include nm.mdl for purposes of derivation, we must

// have the generated .h file include nm.h

#pragma include_h "nm/nm.h"



// This is a very simple card.



// The class Card

interface Card : MR_ManagedObject {

// Attributes maintained for the class Card

attribute string CardDesc

"A brief description of the card";

// Relationship between the class Card and

// the class Port

relationshipset ComposedOf, Port, PartOf

"The ports in this card";

// The notifications for the class Card


Down, // Problems

Impaired; // Compound Notification

problem Down

"The card is down, causing all its ports to be "

"operationally down"

= OperationallyDown;

propagate symptom OperationallyDown

"Symptom observed on the ports in this card"

= Port, ComposedOf, OperationallyDown;

// Compound notification

aggregate Impaired

"The card or a port on this card is Down"

= Down,


Card-Port MODEL example 149

Card-Port MODEL Code

propagate aggregate PortDown

"The Down problem on ports in this card"

= Port, ComposedOf, Down;


// The class Port

interface Port : MR_ManagedObject {

// Attributes maintained for the class Port

enum operStatus_e {


UP = 1,

DOWN = 2


attribute operStatus_e operStatus

"The operational status of the port"


// relationship between the class Port and

// the class Card

relationship PartOf, Card, ComposedOf

"The card this port is part of";

// The notifications for the class Port


OperationallyDown, // Symptom

Down; // Problem

event OperationallyDown

"This port is not operational"

= operStatus == DOWN;

// Problem

problem Down

"The port is down"

= OperationallyDown;