All back ends of an adapter can trace all API operations transmitted to the Domain Manager. This is a very useful option for debugging a rule set. If you are using the sm_adapter command, specify the --traceServer option to enable back end tracing. The trace output includes the following:

  • Timestamp

  • Name of the Domain Manager

  • Description of the operation sent to the Domain Manager

    If the operation returns a value (for instance, if you are retrieving an object property), the retrieved value is also printed.

    For example, when the following ASL commands,

    obj = object(“MyClass”,“MyObject”);
    obj->attr = TRUE;

    are executed in a rule set that is connected to a Domain Manager with the name, ServerName, the commands result in the following trace output:

    2-Feb-2009 14:26:11 ServerName: put(MyClass,MyObject,attr,TRUE)