The ics-default.xml defines which topology and events to transfer from a Domain Manager to the Global Manager. In this example, the ics-default.xml file sets dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf as the dxa file that defines which topology and events to transfer from a Network-Resource-Suite to the Global Manager.

TEST_SERVER_RM is of the type Network-Resource-Suite. The new Router class attribute must be added to the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file.

     <description>Type for Network Resource Connectivity and Performance Suite</description>
     <hook enable="False">ics/dxa-sample-hook.asl</hook>

To add the Router attribute to the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file:

  1. Edit the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file by using sm_edit:

                   /smarts/bin/sm_edit conf/ics/dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf
  2. Type the following two lines for the Router class (shown in bold) before the entry for the ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem, as follows:

    # Remote Name of Class/Property        Mapped Name of Class/Property
       class   Router
                      attr    SM_SerialNumber
       class   ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem           Node
       attr    Certification
       attr    DisplayName
       attr    Description
       attr    Location
       attr    Model
       attr    PrimaryOwnerContact
       attr    Type
       attr    Vendor
       rel     ConnectedVia
  3. Save and close the dxa-net-rm-conn-perf.conf file.

    The modified version of the file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/ics directory.