This exercise is a complex example of using Dynamic Model. This example enhances the following Domain Managers:

  • Network-Resource Manager

  • IP-Perspective Manager

  • IP-Analysis Manager

  • Global Manager

    The purpose of the exercise includes:

  • Polling for a new attribute.

  • Generating an event based on the value of the attribute.

  • Forwarding the new event to a Global Manager so that it can be displayed as a notification.


    This exercise should be performed on test versions of a Broker, Network-Resource Manager, IP-Perspective Manager, IP-Analysis Manager, and Global Manager. Before starting this exercise, back up the repository on the test Managers.

    This exercise includes the following tasks:

  • Determine the instrumentation class that will be refined to poll for the new attribute.

  • Create and compile a dynamic model file:

    • Define an additional MIB variable that can be polled by the Network-Resource Manager.

    • Define a setting class for the new attribute.

    • Refine an instrumentation class that will define the MIB OID to poll.

  • Subscribe to the event in the Network-Resource Manager.

  • Add a new threshold setting to adapter-setting.asl.

  • Add the polled event to the Global Manager.

  • Load the dynamic model into the Network-Resource Manager, IP-Perspective Manager, and the IP-Analysis Manager.

  • Set up topology sources.

  • Discover an instance of the Router class.

  • Verify variable in Polling and Threshold dialog box.

  • Poll the values of the new attributes in real-time.

  • Generate an event based on the values of this polled attribute.

  • Have the Global Manager subscribe to and display notifications associated with the event based on the value of this polled attribute.