The next section of the dxa file defines the category and severity associated with each of the subscribed events.

sev  ExternalPowerSupply  Down               Operational 1
sev  Host      Unresponsive       Operational 1
sev  Host       AgentUnresponsive  Operational 2
sev  Application       Unresponsive       Operational 2

The syntax is:


where <severity_code> can have one of the following values:

  • 1 = red, critical.

  • 2 = orange, major.

  • 3 - yellow, minor.

  • 4 = cyan, unknown.

  • 5 = green, normal.

    The VMware Smart Assurance IP Performance Manager and Server Performance Manager User Guide and VMware Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager User Guide provide additional information concerning the valid values for <category>.

    To set the category and severity of an event that you have created, add a new line to this section. For example, to define the severity and category for the new IPForwardingOn event, add the following line:

    sev  Host    IPForwardingOn       Operational 3