The first section of the dxa configurationfile provides a listing of what classes, and attributes of those classes, will be transferred from the Manager to the Global Manager. If an attribute has been added to an existing ICIM class, and you want that attribute to appear in the Global Manager, then the class and attribute must be added to this listing.


Use sm_edit to edit the dxa configuration file.

For example, the attribute SM_SerialNumber is added to the Router class. To add the SM_SerialNumber attribute in the Global Manager, the following lines would be typed (shown in bold) before the entry for the ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem, as illustrated:

# Remote Name of Class/Property        Mapped Name of Class/Property
server   Network-Resource
class   Router
         attr    SM_SerialNumber
class   ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem           Node
attr    Certification
attr    DisplayName
attr    Description
attr    Location
attr    Model
attr    PrimaryOwnerContact
attr    Type
attr    Vendor
rel     ConnectedVia

The addition of these two lines configures the Global Manager to subscribe to topology changes for the new SM_SerialNumber attribute of the Router class.