Event and notification subscriptions in the Global Manager are configured within dxa configuration files by using the sub keyword. Patterns (regular expressions) separated by "::" match the class name, instance name, and event name in the Domain Manager.

The syntax is as follows:

sub <classPattern>::<instancePattern>::<eventPattern>/<modifiers>


  • <classPattern> is the pattern to match for the class name.

  • <instancePattern> is the pattern to match for the name of the instance.

  • <eventPattern> is the pattern to match for the name of the problem or event.

  • <modifiers> can have the following values:

    • p = problem

    • e = event

    • a = aggregates

    • n = notifications

      For example:

      # Subscriptions
      sub     ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem::.*::DiscoveryError/e
      sub     ICIM_UnitaryComputerSystem::.*::Unresponsive/e

      To subscribe to a new event, add a line to this Subscriptions section. For example, to subscribe to a new IPForwardingOn event in the Host class, the following line is added:

      sub  Host::.*::IPForwardingOn/e