To run dmctl in command-line mode, connect to the Manager and type the command by using the following syntax:

         /smarts/bin/dmctl -s
         <manager_name> [--broker=
         <port>] <command_name>


  • <manager_name> is the name of the Manager.

  • <host> is the host on which the Broker resides.

  • <port> is the port on the host from which the Broker can be accessed.

  • <command_name> is the name of the command.

  • <command_params> is the list of the parameters for the command.


    The --broker option is optional. The default value is localhost:426.

    The following command, starts dmctl interacting with the TEST_SERVER Manager and creates an instance of the SM_Printer class, named HP_Printer1:

                   /smarts/bin/dmctl -s TEST_SERVER create SM_Printer::HP_Printer1

    You can also use dmctl to verify that a class has been added. For example:

                   /bin/dmctl -n TEST_SERVER_RM getInstances <classname>


  • <classname> is the name of the class you want to verify.

    If the class is not loaded, dmctl will display output similar to:

    MR-E-CLASS_NOT_FOUND_EX-Cannot find class '<classname>'

    If the class has been added, dmctl will output a (possibly empty) list of instances.