Password is the only field in the security configuration files that is encrypted. The configuration files are located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf directory of a product suite.

To type or change a password in a configuration file:

  1. Use sm_edit to open the file.

    For example, to open the serverConnect.conf file, invoke sm_edit from the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory:

     sm_edit conf/serverConnect.conf
  2. Review the contents of the file. For example, the serverConnect.conf file may include lines similar to the following:

     InCharge    :admin    :<SYS>    :All
     InCharge-WP     :user5    :Password :Ping
     InCharge    :operator :Password :Monitor
     InCharge    :*        :<SYS>    :None
  3. Delete the current password and replace it with the new password in cleartext. If the current value is encrypted, delete the <E-1.0> tag that marks the password as encrypted as well as the current password. The special values <DEFAULT>, <PROMPT>, <SYS>, and <AUTO> in the files are not encrypted.

  4. Save the file and close the file.

    The appropriate values are encrypted as part of the process.

  5. Repeat the steps for all of the configuration files.

    If a configuration file already includes the first line for encryption, specify the sm_edit utility with the --noedit option to encrypt the file without opening it. You must have administrative privileges when typing this command.

                   /local/conf/sm_edit --noedit <filename>