By default, encryption is enabled during the installation process. The basis for encryption is a secret phrase that gets transformed into the file imk.dat. The programs use this site secret to encrypt passwords in the configuration files and passwords to SNMP v3 devices in seed files, as well as to encrypt connections between programs.

At installation, encryption is enabled with a default secret phrase. This phrase is:

Not a secret (literally) 

and the imk.dat file can be copied. The imk.dat is found in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf directory.


The imk.dat file can only be copied to other systems with the same operating system (OS) and OS version.

To raise the level of security, you need to change the secret phrase by using the sm_rebond utility. Thereafter, the secret phrase should be changed periodically to maintain a secure system.


The secret phrase should be treated with the same care as a root password or highest level system administration password.