This authentication record in the clientConnect.conf prompts users to type an username and password. This does not guarantee that the connection will be successful. The server must be able to validate the username and password by using its serverConnect.conf file.

* : * : <PROMPT> : <PROMPT>

The position of this authentication record in the default clientConnect.conf file is important. Because it uses wildcard patterns to match for both login user and target, this record is always selected for interactive connections, even if a following record also matches. Noninteractive programs skip this record because they cannot prompt for information.

This record could match the following serverConnect.conf authentication records, as described in the following“Authenticating users with a valid system account” on page 78:

* : * : <SYS> : Monitor
* : maint : maint : Monitor
* : oper : oper : Monitor

* : * : <SYS> : Monitor