When necessary, you can set an environment variable so that an product suite installed in that location can use it. For example, the SM_BROKER_DEFAULT variable, the value of which is set during installation, is used in this manner.

To set an environment variable so that it can be used by the programs of an product suite, add it to the runcmd_env.sh file, which is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf directory of that product suite.

  1. Use sm_edit to open the runcmd_env.sh file. Invoke sm_edit from the BASEDIR/smarts /bin directory:

     sm_edit conf/runcmd_env.sh
  2. Add the environment variable and its value by using the following syntax:

  3. Save the runcmd_env.sh file and close it.

  4. Any program within a product suite started after this point will use the applicable environment variables specified in the runcmd_env.sh file. programs that are already running need to be restarted for any new environment variable to take effect.