The environment variable SM_AUTHORITY controls the authentication security features provided by SDK software. The authentication features are enabled by default. If necessary, you can set the value of this variable to disable them. This environment variable must be set on each system where SDK software is running.

The environment variable SM_AUTHORITY can have one of two values:

  • <STD> enables security

  • <NONE> disables security

    When no value is specified, which is the default, SDK software treats this the same as <STD>.


    The angle brackets (< >) are required.

    When SM_AUTHORITY is set to <NONE>, SDK software behaves as if no security features are in effect:

  • Clients do not read clientConnect.conf and never prompt for a username or password. They always send <DEFAULT>/<DEFAULT> as their credentials.

  • Servers ignore any incoming username or password and grant any connection All access.