Following table lists the directories and a brief description of their contents

Table 1. Directories




Executables for starting and interacting with Domain Managers as well as utilities.


Software jar files and third-party jar files upon which VMware Smart Assurance programs depend.


Domain Manager configuration files.


User and reference guides.


Sample files for C, C++, and Java APIs as well as examples of MODEL applications and JIIM.


The .h and .mdl files for components of the software programs.


Sample probe for the integration accessor.


The l10n directory name is a lowercase L, followed by the number 10 and then a lowercase n.

Contains Resource Packages (which hold externalized and localized data, such as error strings).


Shared libraries.


Top-level directory where local copies of configuration, rules, and script files are created and stored.

The default location where files such as repository and log files are written. The/local/l10n directory contains new Resource Packages introduced by update kits, patches, language packs, and so on.


Files used for the Perl API.


ASL rule sets.


Utility scripts such as the license server installation scripts.

In addition to the common subdirectories, the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager (/SAM) includes two additional subdirectories: /actions (client and server) and /consoles.