programs connect to the Broker under the following conditions:

  • When a server starts, it connects to the Broker as a client to register itself.

  • When a client, including a console, needs to connect to a server, it connects to the Broker to query it for the server's location.

    The record in serverConnect.conf specifies that the Broker should grant any client that sends the username BrokerNonsecure and the password Nonsecure full access to the Broker.

    <BROKER> : BrokerNonsecure : Nonsecure : All

    The automatic authentication record in clientConnect.conf applies to any client that supports authentication and needs to connect to the Broker. This record specifically selects the Broker as its target.

    * : <BROKER> :BrokerNonsecure : Nonsecure

    These two records define a nonsecure configuration for the Broker. In this configuration, consoles do not prompt for a username and password when connecting to the Broker. “Configuring a secure Broker” on page 108 provides additional information regarding a secure Broker configuration.