The wireless LAN management is a licensed feature in IP 9.1.

The wireless license determines the discovery of wireless network components, that is, Wireless Controller and Wireless Access Points. The basic wireless feature is enabled by the license key AP_WIFI.

Even if a customer has the basic AP_WIFI license, the number of Wireless Access Points or WirelessController discovery is limited by the appropriate license count.

  • WirelessAccessPoint — The number of WirelessAccessPoint to be discovered is controlled by the count of the license key AP_AP_CNT.

  • WirelessController — The number of WirelessController to be discovered is controlled by the count of the license key AP_CTL_CNT.


    The discovery of WirelessClient is not controlled by license counts.

    If you do not have a wireless license, you can only discover Wireless Controllers and Thick Wireless Access Points with older IP certification. Discovery will not include Thin Wireless Access Points and Wireless Clients.

    If the license block for System volume or WirelessAccessPoint or WirelessController exceeds the license count, then a new license file with more license blocks should be obtained.

    Restart the license server with new license file.

    Restart the the dependent IP servers.