During discovery of the VRRP enabled routers, IP Availability Manager creates a new redundancy group called VRRPGroup. The VRRPGroup is created for each Virtual Router Identifier (VRID). It is composed of a logical element defined per interface per VRRPGroup on a VRRP router called VRRPEndpoint. VRRPEndpoints belonging to the same VRRPGroup (that is, having the same VRID) have a common virtual IP and a Virtual MAC. The Virtual MAC is defined as xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-VRID. The VRRP-enabled router having the highest priority is considered as the primary router and all other routers are considered as backup routers.


Virtual IP of VRRP is derived from vrrpAssoIpAddr, which is part of Indexes in vrrpAssoIpAddrTable. If the vrrpAssoIpAddrTable does not contain values in the MIB, then VRRPGroup will not be created. If ipNetToMediaTable does not contain values with current Virtual IP for that VRRPGroup, then relationships like HostedBy, LayeredOver, ConnectedVia, Underlying, ConcreteDependency_Dependent will not be created.