The Physical Connectivity map is the default map that appears when you select a system object (switch, router, hub, bridge, host) in the Topology tab of the Map Console. This map displays Layer 2 physical connectivity between system objects, including cables and network connections. A Physical Connectivity map is available for a selected system object, for all system objects in a selected IP network, and for all system objects in a selected VLAN.

For a Physical Connectivity map, the edges appear as:

  • Solid lines for direct connections such as cables.

  • Jagged lines for network connections.

    If you display a Physical Connectivity map for a selected IP network or VLAN, the map displays the physical connectivity of the system objects inside the IP network or VLAN. An icon representing the IP network or VLAN does not appear.

    In a Physical Connectivity map, a hop is the distance between two system objects that are physically connected.