The VMware Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager Extension for NAS (NAS Extension) is applied to an existing IP Availability Manager installation. After installation, the Availability Manager can discover NAS devices, and perform root cause and impact analysis on these devices.

The VMware Smart Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, ESM, MPLS, and NPM Managers provides information on installation and startup issues for the IP Availability Manager Extension for NAS. The guide also provides information on how to install and start the HTTPS Adapter service.

With the NAS Extension, the Availability Manager discovers and models network-attached storage devices as IP devices. Supported systems include VMware Celerra®systems (Data Movers and Control Stations), and Network Appliance (NetApp) Filers.

The Availability Manager with the NAS Extension identifies IP-related failures, diagnoses root cause problems, and calculates the impacts of failures.

To discover and monitor the NAS topology, the Availability Manager reads configuration information within the Celerra Network Server using the HTTPS Adapter, an XML/HTTPS discovery probe. The VMware Smart Assurance Global Console displays the topology, notifications, and maps related to both the IP and NAS elements.

The NAS Extension is implemented through the IP Availability Manager and Service Assurance Manager.