Audit logging relates to the VMware Smart Assurancearchitecture of an VMware Smart AssuranceGlobal Manager Administration Console (Global Console) interacting with VMware Smart Assuranceanalysis servers such as IP Availability Managerand Performance Manager (IP AM/PM).

Audit logging is enabled on the analysis servers when a modification is made to the server using the Global Console. Chapter 5, Audit Logging, in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager User Guideprovides information on the audit logging format, how to configure audit logging, how to start the audit log adapter, and the list of user actions captured in audit logs.

In raw format, the audit log output on each server contains specific remote API calls made from the Global Console to the server. The raw output is then processed by the VMware Smart AssuranceAudit Log Adapter which parses the output to provide more easily readable and understandable audit log information.

Raw audit log output shows the creation of raw audit log information. The Global Consoles connect to VMware Smart Assuranceanalysis servers, such as IP AM or PM. These servers print information to a file named <server_name>_audit.logfor all remote API calls sent from the Global Console to the server. Each server maintains one log file regardless of the number of connected Global Consoles. You must run one Audit Log Adapter per server and the Audit Log Adapter must be run on the same host as the server whose audit log it will parse.