For a discovered system, IP Performance Manager uses a consistent naming convention to assign the system and each of its components a unique name. The name assigned to a system is determined by the setting of the NameFormat parameter in the name-resolver.conf file, which is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/discovery directory. The assigned name becomes the value of the system’s Name attribute. Refer “How discovery names a system” on page 172 for information about the name resolution process used to name a system.


The values of a system’s Name attribute and DisplayName attribute may be different, depending on the setting of the DisplayNameFormat parameter in the discovery.conf file. The IP Manager Reference Guide describes the configuration parameters in the discovery.conf file.

To name a discovered network object, IP Performance Manager uses the appropriate naming format. The naming formats are the default naming conventions. If no naming format is listed for the Display Name, the naming format is the same as the one listed for Name.