The size of a deployment is directly related to the size of the network supported. Based on the values that you either obtained or estimated using the formulas in “Determine number of managed network devices” on page 30, you can begin to determine the resources that your deployment will require and how to deploy the IP Manager. The key factors that need to be taken into account include:

  • The amount of memory available for the process to use.

  • The number of ports and interfaces to be polled within a tolerable polling interval.

  • The number of ports and interfaces to be discovered within a tolerable discovery time.

    Stronger machines can support a larger topology than weaker ones. Appendix A, “Defining a CPU,” will help you determine the strength of your machines and understand how they relate to VMware observations.

    Appendix B, “Hardware Specifications,” describes the hardware VMware used for making its evaluations. You can use the specifications mentioned in this appendix to translate VMware observations to your machines.