Deploying the VMware Smart Assurance user configurations consists of two tasks:

  • Configure access to VMware Smart Assurance software by adding usernames and passwords to the security files (clientConnect.conf and serverConnect.conf) as described in the VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide. These files define the security level for each user, including user capabilities, servers that can be accessed, and passwords.

  • Configure VMware Smart Assurance users:

    • Deploy and configure tools.

      Server tools must be copied to the server where Service Assurance is installed, and client tools must be copied to all systems where Global Consoles are installed.

    • Create console configurations and then save them on the server where Service Assurance is installed.

      Create each console configuration by opening the Global Console and then arranging the layout and customizing preferences. Save the customized console with an appropriate name in an *.iccon file. Each console file can then made available to all users by copying it from BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles/<user> to BASEDIR/smarts/local/consoles.

    • Define customized notification lists.

    • Create user profiles which associate individual users with access to specific tools, consoles, and a notification list.