The IP Manager discovers and monitors the athentication server. An authentication server provides authentication service for different network element such as WirelessClient. Authentication servers are connected to WirelessController. The request for authentication pass through the WirelessController from WirelessClient to the authentication server. IP Manager discovers the authentication server while discovering the WirelessController.

In IP topology, the authentication server is represented by the class AuthenticationServer. It is defined by the AuthenticationServiceTo relationship with the WirelessController. The WirelessController provide the MIB information for authentication server. The discovery of authentication server by IP is done while discovering the WirelessController.


IP server does not generate any alert if the status of the Authentication Server is UNKNOWN. So if the WirelessController is Down, the related Authentication Server status is UNKNOWN. Therefore, to get the proper status of the Authentication Server, rediscover the running WirelessContoller that is serviced by same Authentication Server.