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Which topology collection instances are created depends on the particular topology collection set. For example, the IP Manager creates the following BGP_TopologyCollection instances for the Network Protocol Manager for BGP topology collection set:

  • BGP-System

  • BGP-Agent

  • BGP-Card

  • BGP-Interface

  • BGP-IP

  • BGP-IPNet

  • BGP-NetworkConnection

  • BGP-TrunkCable

    These instances consist of BGP-enabled Router and Switch objects, along with the SNMPAgent, Card, Interface, IP, IPNetwork, NetworkConnection, and TrunkCable objects that are associated with the Router and Switch objects.

    By default, the IP Manager does not create topology collection sets. The following configuration parameters in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/discovery/tpmgr-param.conf file control whether a particular topology collection set is created:

  • DisableMPLSDiscovery

  • DisableMulticastDiscovery

  • DisableProtocolDiscovery

  • DisableVOIPDiscovery

    To enable the creation of a particular topology collection set, you must set the appropriate configuration parameter to FALSE for each IP Manager.