vrrpAssoIpAddrRowStatusOID "."

– Key OID – If not present, any other VRRP data is not probed.

– The row status variable - Setting this object to active(1) or createAndGo(4) results in the addition of an associated address for a virtual router.

vrrpOperPriorityOid "."

– This object specifies the priority to be used for the virtual router primary election process. Higher values imply a higher priority.

vrrpOperVirtualMacAddrOid "."

– The virtual MAC address of the virtual router.

vrrpOperState "."

– The current state of the virtual router. Initialize, Backup or Master.

– vrrpInfoVirtRtrState "“ or “” in Nortel

vrrpOperRowStatusOid ".“

– The rowstatus of a currently active row in the vrrpOperTable is constrained by the operational state of the corresponding virtual router.

vrrpOperMasterIpAddrOID ".“

– The primary router's real (primary) IP address. This is the IP address listed as the source in a VRRP advertisement last received by this virtual router.