The OID Info tool enables you to view the list of OIDs that are used to discover and monitor devices such as Host, Router, Switch, and so on. The OID information helps identify faults in the configuration of the SNMP agent of the device. The OID Info tool displays the list of OIDs and their SNMP values for a device. It fetches the value of the OIDs from the device and compares the SNMP values against the values in the topology.

The OID Info tool is introduced in the IP Manager and SAM Console versions 9.2 and is not available in older versions. The OIDs can be viewed through the command line or through the OID Info option in the Domain Manager Administration Console.

The OID Info option will not be enabled if:

  • The system object is discovered in ICMP only mode.

  • The device does not have a SysOID.

  • The device does not have an associated SNMPAgent object in the topology.

  • An older version of IP Manager is attached to the Domain Manager Administration Console.

    The OIDs are classified into two types – Discovery and Monitoring. In case of Discovery type, only statically configured OIDs are displayed. OIDs that the IP domain manager queries dynamically will not be displayed. The tool displays the name of the discovery probe and the associated discovery driver.

    In case of Monitoring type, the name of the instrumentation class and the device component associated with it is displayed.

    The VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Concepts Guide and the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide provide more information on the OID Info tool.