To delete a read community string from the Read Community Strings window:

  1. Attach the Domain Manager Administration Console to the target IP Manager.

    “Opening the Domain Manager Administration Console” on page 18 provides instructions on opening this console.

  2. In the left panel of the Domain Manager Administration Console, click the IP Manager name to display a multiple-tab window in the right panel of the console.

  3. Click Topology.

  4. In the Read Community Strings window, select the community string that you want to remove.

  5. Click Remove, and then click Apply.

    The default read community string public is automatically included in the Read Community Strings window. If you do not want the IP Manager to use the public community string, you must remove public here and from the defaultReadCommunity parameter in the discovery.conf file.

    Chapter 6, Configuration Settings in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide describes the configuration parameters in the discovery.conf file and provides instructions on modifying the parameters.