The discovery of Juniper ERX devices that are running JUNOS 6.x and higher might take longer than what is acceptable because the IP Manager, by default, discovers all interfaces on an ERX device. Depending on the deployment, discovering all interfaces on an ERX device is not always desirable, especially when speed of discovery is an issue.


The term “Juniper ERX device” or “ERX device,” as used here, represents an instance of any discovered Juniper ERX main or virtual router.

The solution to this problem is to use the parameters to configure the IP Manager to discover fewer interfaces on the discovered ERX devices. “Optimizing the discovery of ERX devices” table in Chapter 6, Configuration Settings, in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide lists the parameters for optimizing the discovery of ERX devices. The solution is based on the filtering of ERX device interfaces by type and description to prevent (exclude) undesirable interfaces from being discovered.

The parameters are described in the Other interface-limiting parameter types table in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide.