Enable autodiscovery and create one or more discovery filters to discover the following types of devices in the managed storage environment:

  • Host systems (HostSystems)

  • Fibre Channel switches (FCSwitches)

  • Celerra Control Stations (NAS_ControlStations)

  • Celerra Data Movers (NAS_FileServers)

  • NAS clients (NASClient_Hosts)

    You create an IP address discovery filter that has the specific values for your NAS devices in the first, second, and third octet positions, and an asterisk (wildcard character) in the fourth octet position; for example, 172.32.14.*.

    The specific values limit the discovery filter to a specific network (in this example, network, and the asterisk allows IP Availability Manager to discover all candidate devices belonging to the network. You create an IP-address discovery filter for each network that you want IP Availability Manager to sweep for candidate NAS devices.

    “How to create a discovery filter” on page 89 describes the procedure to create discovery filters.