The SNMP v3 credentials created in the Topology tab get applied to all discovery filters in the Discovery Filters tab, thereby increasing the discovery time.

The Topology tab has been enhanced with the Autodiscovery AUTODETECT Priority Options drop-down list. You can select any one of the following fallback options for SNMP polling mechanism:

  • V3V2V1

  • V2V1V3


    The fallback options need to be selected based on the number of V3 or V2 devices in the network. For example, if there are more number of V3 devices, then select V3V2V1, else select V2V1V3.

    For the options V3V2V1 and V2V1V3, ensure that SNMPv3 credentials of the devices are present either in the Discovery Filters tab or in the Topology tab. Else, SNMP v3 discovery will fail.

  • V2V1 - This is the default option.


    In the Discovery Filter tab, if you select the AUTODETECT option in the SNMP version field, then it is mandatory to set the Autodiscovery AUTODETECT Priority Options in the Topology tab.