You can limit the number of systems that are added to the modeled topology by setting a current system limit. By default, the current system limit is set to 50 systems.

To change the current system limit:

  1. Attach the Domain Manager Administration Console to the target IP Manager.

    “Opening the Domain Manager Administration Console” on page 18 provides instructions on opening this console.

  2. In the left panel of the Domain Manager Administration Console, click the IP Manager name to display a multiple-tab window in the right panel of the console.

  3. Click Topology.

  4. In the Current System Limit field, type the total number of systems that you want to allow into the modeled topology.

  5. Click Apply.


    The current system limit applies to both manual discovery and autodiscovery.

    When the current system limit is exceeded, the discovery process will complete the discovery of any system (and its components) in the midst of being discovered, including all virtual routers that are configured for a router or switch that implements virtual routers. When a router or switch that is implementing virtual routers is discovered, the chassis-based router/switch is counted as a system, and each virtual router is counted as a system. Any new discovery candidate systems will be added to the Pending Devices list in the UNDISCOVERED state, and the message “System limit exceeded” will appear in the Discovery Status section of the Discovery Progress window.