You use the sm_edit utility to edit a discovery hook script to add the ASL convenience patterns, the parsing rules, and the processing rules that perform the actual processing. You can also add additional initialization code, or additional EOF or DEFAULT code, or both.

To modify a discovery hook script:

  1. Go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the IP Manager installation area and type the following command to open the script. For example:

                   sm_edit rules/discovery/custom/custom-end-system.asl
  2. Add your ASL code to the script.

  3. Save and close the script.

    The modified version of the script is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/rules/discovery/custom directory.

  4. Restart the IP Manager to implement your changes.

    Included in the IP Manager software distribution is an example of a modified custom-end-system.asl script. That script is located in the following directory: