The Deployment Utility allows you to deploy customizations and configuration changes from an existing installation to another installation on the same version of a product. The deployment can be carried out on the same host or between two different hosts running the same operating system. The utility is useful if you have to apply the same configurations on mutiple installations of a product.

Use the utility if you are:

  • Running multiple new installations on the same or multiple hosts that will need to share the same configuration and customizations or

  • Upgrading multiple installations on the same or multiple hosts that will share the same configuration and customizations

    In both cases, start with one installation where you make all your modifications to the files and then run the sm_deploy utility to create a package that contains your modifications. Then use the sm_deploy utility to apply the files collected from the first installation to the rest of your installations.

    The Deployment Utility performs the following three functions:

  • Create a package

  • Deploy the package

  • Rollback

    The Deployment Utility can be run using the following command:

    sm_perl <options>

    To run the utility from an older version of a Smarts product that does not have the migration utility, copy the script and certain Perl files (packaged in file) and place them in the appropriate locations. The must be placed in the bin directory and the Perl package must be placed under the BASEDIR/smarts/local folder and extracted there.

    The VMware Smart Assurance Installation Guide for SAM, IP, ESM, MPLS, and NPM Managers provides more information on the functions, command-line options, and how to create and deploy a deployment package.