Most messages printed by the VMware code uses the exception logging mechanism. The exception logging mechanism sends messages to one of the following two receivers:

  • Log files

  • System error logger, which is the syslog mechanism on Unix systems.

    The exception logging mechanism is controlled by the severity level. The severity level is assigned to the message being logged. A message can have one of the following severity levels:

  • Fatal

  • Error

  • Warning

  • Notice

  • Informational

  • Debug

    You can assign the minimum severity level for messages to be sent to a receiver. By default, the log file receives severity warnings, and the system error logger receives severity errors. The following are the standard options that are available with VMware main programs:

  • --errlevel: controls the minimum level for writing into the log file

  • --loglevel: controls the minimum level for sending errors to the system logging facility

    Use --help to set the severity levels as a value for the above options. Set the severity level to None to completely disable a particular receiver.