The execution of SNMP polling requires SNMP read credentials, and the execution of remote pings requires SNMP read and write credentials. Except for the SNMP write community string, the SNMPv1, v2c, or v3 read credentials for a discovered device are stored in the attributes of the SNMPAgent object that is created for the device’s SNMP agent. The MPLS Monitoring Server imports SNMPAgent objects from the MPLS Topology Server, which in turn imports the SNMPAgent objects from IP Availability Manager.

The SNMPv1 or v2c write community strings for devices are specified in instances of the remote ping group named “System Write Community Strings.” In addition, a default write community string is defined by the WriteCommunity parameter in the REMOTEPING.conf file, as explained in “Description of REMOTEPING.conf” on page 40.