As shown in GUID-3FE03E83-5570-4304-BA52-132A9894FC65.html#GUID-3FE03E83-5570-4304-BA52-132A9894FC65___MPLS_CONFIG_GROUPS_POLLPING_67670, the MPLS Monitoring Server monitors the health of the network by periodically sending SNMP polls to the discovered PE and P devices to gather status information. The polled status information, in addition to the received IP Availability Manager status updates, serves as input to the correlation analysis function of the MPLS Analysis Server. The correlation analysis function detects the failed or misconfigured objects that affect MPLS or VPN availability, and diagnoses the MPLS, L2VPN, and L3VPN impacts caused by the failures or misconfigurations.

The VMware Smart Assurance MPLS Management Suite User Guide describes the events that are diagnosed by the MPLS Analysis Server for MPLS, L2VPN, and L3VPN objects.