For an MPLS Analysis Server, the autoconfiguration program follows the TopologyProvides relationship in the mpls-tma.conf file to its source, the MPLS Topology Server, and then adds the MPLS Topology Server as a topology source to the MPLS Analysis Server. The MPLS Analysis Server responds by connecting to the MPLS Topology Server and importing a subset of topology for analysis purposes.

The MPLS Analysis Server creates an InChargeDomain object (INCHARGE-MPLS-TOPOLOGY, for example) in its repository for the MPLS Topology Server instance that is added as a topology source. This object represents the connection between the MPLS Analysis Server and the MPLS Topology Server source.

After the MPLS Analysis Server establishes a connection to the MPLS Topology Server and imports a subset of the topology, which includes the InChargeDomain object that represents the MPLS Monitoring Server, it is able to determine its proxy source by reading the name of the imported InChargeDomain object. It then adds the MPLS Monitoring Server as a proxy source, connects to it, and subscribes to MPLS- and VPN-relevant statuses, and to BGP-relevant statuses when MPLS-BGP cross-domain correlation is enabled.