Using the Global Manager Administration Console, you create an XML file that defines the following configuration parameters for a server tool:

  • Name

    Specifies the name of the server tool as it appears on the console’s pop-up menu.

  • Program

    Specifies the name of the tool executable file that is invoked when this tool runs.

  • Timeout

    Specifies the number of seconds to wait for the tool script to complete.

  • Trace

    Specifies whether trace output, used for debugging, should display in the tool output window when this tool runs.

  • DisplayOutput

    Specifies whether the tool script should open an output window when this tool runs.

  • User Profiles

    Specifies the user profiles that have access to this tool.

  • Context

    Specifies the tool target objects for this tool.

  • Status

    Specifies whether this tool is enabled or disabled.

    Clicking the Finish button completes the creation of the XML file in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/ics directory and makes the server tool available to console users.

    The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide provides detailed description on how to use the Global Manager Administration Console to create XML files for server tools.