Shown in GUID-B7DE8865-3A95-46D1-94E3-3952F1E57F64.html#GUID-B7DE8865-3A95-46D1-94E3-3952F1E57F64___MPLS_CONFIG_GROUPS_POLLPING_67670and clarified in Periodic remote ping creation and monitoringis that if periodic remote pings are deployed, the MPLS Monitoring Serveralso monitors reachability between the devices in the MPLS network by:

  • Sending remote ping requests to the discovered PE and CE devices.

  • Polling the ping test results.

  • Comparing the ping test results to threshold values that define acceptable and unacceptable levels of reachability.

    The MPLS Monitoring Serveruses the threshold values to monitor PE, P, and CE interconnectivity and to analyze the remote ping test results.

    Figure 1. Periodic remote ping creation and monitoring

    Remote ping is available for Layer 3 VPNs but not Layer 2 VPNs.

    The MPLS Monitoring Serveranalyzes the remote ping test results to identify L3VPN impacts, as explained in the VMware Smart Assurance MPLS Management Suite User Guide, and exports the impacts to the Global Manager.

    If a periodic remote ping error occurs, the error is written to the MPLS Monitoring Server’s log file, which is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory.