The $telnetCmdPath parameter in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/mpls-t/ file determines which Telnet client is selected. By default, the Telnet client in the Telnet CLI package is selected.

To point to the Telnet client in the SSH-Telnet CLI package, a user edits the file and sets the $telnetCmdPath to the full path of the customer-installed Telnet client software. A typical path would be /usr/bin/telnet, where “telnet” is the name of the Telnet client binary.

Another parameter, named $SSHCmdPath, in the file specifies the full path to the customer-installed SSH client software for the SSH-Telnet package. By default, that location is /bin/ssh, where “ssh” is the name of the SSH client binary.

Both of these parameters are described in “Description of” on page 41. The descriptions include the syntax that must be observed when specifying a parameter value in the file.

Whether the MPLS Topology Server uses the SSH client or the Telnet client to establish a connection to a remote device depends on the CLI device-access group to which the remote device belongs. CLI device-access groups are described in “Creating CLI device-access groups” on page 79.

Because the Telnet client does not require any configuration but the SSH client does, the rest of this discussion focuses on SSH and the SSH client.