During its initial discovery, the MPLS Topology Server imports from IP Availability Manager an MPLS topology collection set named MPLS-System. MPLS-System contains MPLS-enabled router and switch devices as well as CE and other non-MPLS-enabled devices that connect directly to the MPLS-enabled devices. The MPLS-enabled devices are not differentiated from the non-MPLS-enabled devices.

The MPLS Topology Server conducts a full-scope discovery on all devices in MPLS-System and learns the identity of each device during the discovery:

  • PE

  • P

  • Multi-VRF CE

  • CE

    A full-scope discovery uses SNMP and/or CLI to discover all supported features, such as TE tunnels, LSPs, VRFs, Layer 2 VPNs, and Layer 3 VPNs, to name a few.