In an environment that is using RSVP-TE signaling to establish LSPs, the MPLS Topology Server discovers the PE and P devices and the RSVP-TE speakers that are associated with the LSPs. The complete MPLS forwarding path for a TE LSP or subLSP is determined by IP forwarding and the explicit constraints that are applied to the LSP.

The MPLS Topology Server creates an RsvpProtocolEndpoint instance for each discovered RSVP-TE speaker that is associated with a TE LSP or subLSP.

Here are some relationships that are created for RsvpProtocolEndpoint:

  • RsvpProtocolEndpoint relationship HostedBy

    Relates an RsvpProtocolEndpoint to the PE or P device that hosts the RSVP-TE speaker that is represented by the RsvpProtocolEndpoint.

  • RsvpProtocolEndpoint relationship LayeredOver

    Points from an RsvpProtocolEndpoint to the interface and IP address, on the host PE or P device, that are associated with the RsvpProtocolEndpoint.

  • RsvpProtocolEndpoint relationship Peer

    Points from an RsvpProtocolEndpoint to the endpoint at the other end of the RsvpSession.