VMware Smart Assurance applications require unique instance name in their repositories. The conventional IP instance naming method, which is adding a prefix "IP-" to the IP address to create the name of the instance (for example, "IP-"), is not applicable for overlapping IP addresses.

The Name of an overlapping IP instance will be in the following format:

IP-<IP address>/<route distinguisher>

The DisplayName attribute will be in the following format:

<route distinguisher>:<IP address> [host system name]

For example, router R1 has a VRF named “red.” Interface 15, which is associated with this VRF, has a duplicated IP address and is part of the subnet The route distinguisher of VRF “red” is “4445:401.” The name of this IP instance will be:


And its DisplayName will be:

4445:401: [R1]

In addition, the Tag attribute of the IP instance will have a value of “4445:401.”