MPLS Manager discovers the following multicast topology:

  • Multicast VPNs

    Modeled as instances of the MulticastVPN class

  • Multicast groups

    Modeled as instances of the MulticastGroup class

  • P2MP LSPs and subLSPs

    Modeled as instances of the LSP class

    MPLS Manager discovers just enough attribute information for MulticastVPNs and MulticastGroups to be able to detect MulticastVPN and MulticastGroup impact events. The impact events are due to underlying VRF, P2MP LSP, or subLSP impairments.

    To view the draft-Rosen MulticastVPNs and MulticastGroups in the managed environment, a user should include an VMware Smart Assurance Multicast Manager in the MPLS Manager deployment. Because Multicast Manager supports draft-Rosen MVPNs, not NG MVPNs, it cannot discover MulticastVPNs that are built on P2MP LSPs. It can, however, discover all of the MulticastGroups in the deployment, including the ones that are discovered by MPLS Manager.