As a prerequisite, the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server must be started before IP Availability Manager begins its discovery.

VMware recommends installing VMware Smart Assurance products as services. On a UNIX system, a sample command for installing the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server as a service is:

/opt/InCharge/MPLS/smarts/bin/sm_service install
 --description="VMware Smart Assurance MPLS VPN-Tagging Server"

The command for starting the service is:

/opt/InCharge/MPLS/smarts/bin/sm_service start ic-vpn-tagging

At startup, the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server reads the vpn-tagging.conf file, saves the configuration information in that file to the repository, and attempts to connect to the one or more IP Availability Managers that are specified in the file.

If an IP Availability Manager is not running, the MPLS VPN-Tagging Server will periodically attempt to connect to the IP Availability Manager.