During an MPLS discovery cycle and by default, the MPLS Topology Server creates a CLI log file for each device that it attempts to discover. The log file for a device may be populated with the following:

  • Command and response information when CLI discovery of the device is successful

  • Error information when access credentials are incorrect

  • Failed command-response sequences when the device is being queried for a configuration that is specified for the device’s certification type but is not available on the device

    For a successful-related log file, the MPLS Topology Server parses the response information in the log file to create topology objects in its repository.

    A CLI log file is named CLI-<device vendor>-<device name>.txt (for example, CLI-CISCO-lab-gw.vmware.com.txt). All CLI log files are located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory.

    The MPLS Topology Server overwrites the CLI log files during each successive discovery cycle.